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Learn to draw famous locations around the world | Free Practice for Children

Free for Tallently Academy Followers

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Great news for all young kids stuck at home for months, let's learn something new !

Unlock the free design learning series for Children. We are giving away ebook worth more than 25US$, 100 pages of practice lessons. Learn to draw famous monuments, learn about places, line drawing practice, simple scenes sketching, learning shapes, and more. All this now available free for a limited time. Follow us and get the instant downloads every month from September to December 2020.


We designed this book during year 2020 lockdown, while playing with our kids we all understood how much they missed travelling and seeing places, this book was an effort to help them not only draw famous locations around the world, but also learn about places, drawing also improves mind focus and relaxation. Hope you all will enjoy this practice book and learn new skills towards becoming future artists and designers

  • Hand drawn landmarks and city designs.
  • 100 practice pages specially designed to improve design learning for children.
  • Cognitive learning connecting young minds to places, architecture and designs.
  • Simple and easy to draw practice guides.
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